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To help promote and advertise please feel free to use any of the photos, content and graphics below. 



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promo video



Feel free to use my logo as part of your event promo.

When using the logo, please use in its original form 

Do not edit, warp, stretch, skew, slant or distort

the logo in any way.



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LOGO usage

Do's &Don'ts

Do not warp, stretch, skew, or slant the logo.

Do not add a stroke to the logo.

Do not add embellishments to the logo, such as gradients or drop shadows.

Do not change the logo colour.

Only use logo files provided, do not use with a white block background.

LOGO usage


When using the logo,
it should be surrounded with clear space to ensure its visibility and readability.

Allow for space the height and width of the Size of the M as a rule of thumb.


As shown in the example no graphic elements should invade this zone around the edge.